Ordering Information

You can order your Paperazzi PaperCut right here on the website. After we have received your order we will send an order confirmation to you by email.

It will take around 2 weeks for us to design the layout of your design, sooner if we are quieter, and longer if we are particularly busy, but 2 weeks is roughly about right. We will then send you a proof. After you have approved the proof we aim to have your design cut and framed within 14 days and sent to you by courier.

We will send you a proof to check that we have used the correct design and spelling for your PaperCut.  If you are happy with the proof you can simply click a button and approve it, and then we'll get to work cutting it for you. If there's something not quite right you can reject the proof and let us know why. We ask that you leave the design layout to us as we have to work within certain constraints of design and a single sheet of A4 art paper. We have tried to make sure the website is designed in a way that allows you to order exactly what you’d like us to make so hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a request for something very different to please contact us before placing your order. Sales@paperazzi.co.uk

After you have approved your proof we will begin to cut your design, we cannot make changes to the design after it has been approved. If you need us to change anything please reject the proof and let us know what was wrong so that we can fix it. We will then adjust the design and send you a new proof. If you change the design again or want to change anything significantly this isn’t a problem but there may be an extra charge of £25.00 for redesigning the artwork if the change alters significantly from that originally ordered.

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